Gold-leaf paint

This gold paint for home and garden decor, is a less expensive choice than gold sheets.

Main plaza historical eagle coated with gold paintThis bronze-alloy coating is Roofdx Gold from Andek Corp, packaged for the creative individual and distributed by an experienced contractor.

Clearcoat adds further luster to your application of gold liquid paint. Plus the application of clearcoat will protect the coating from aging, particularly important for outdoor projects. Anyone who decides to apply clearcoat should read this page

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ONE GALLON GOLD LIQUID PAINT - 50 sq ft(2 coats) - $210.00

ONE QUART GOLD LIQUID PAINT - 15 sq ft(2 coats) - $105.00

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Free gold paint cured sample

Gold paint sample from Roof MendersFor those who like to touch, smell and taste before buying, just email your name and address for a cured sample of the finished gold paint.

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